The purpose of the funeral ceremony is to signify the event of a death, that a human life has passed, while at the same time paying tribute to that life by way of funeral ceremonies and thus providing the bereaved with some much needed solace and therapy. In the planning of the funeral it is important to take your time, not only to afford yourself the opportunity to realize the magnitude of what has occurred, but also to reflect on the personality and character of the deceased, thus making funeral arrangements in accordance with the family’s wishes. As your funeral directors, we guide, assist, co-ordinate and oversee all arrangements, adhere to all legal requirements and ensure that all payments are promptly paid on your behalf. Just a phone call will begin the arrangement process. You can visit us at our offices or we will call to your home; the choice is yours.

It is important to remember that funeral arrangements cannot be finalized until circumstances of death satisfy the criteria as laid down by the Coroner. In the event of a sudden death the Coroner may order that a ‘post mortem examination” take place. This procedure will delay not only the funeral but also the opportunity for the family to be united with their loved one.