Welcome to Quinn’s Funeral Homes

At Quinn’s we aim to deliver a personal and caring service providing both traditional and contemporary funerals for all denominations. We take responsibility for ensuring that every aspect of the funeral is organized and carried out in keeping with both religious and personal preferences. Our ethos ensures discretion in respect of every detail and request, providing for the wishes of the deceased and bereaved.

Bereavement is probably the single most traumatic event which most people will face and engaging a professional, reputable firm to carry out your wishes goes some way in lessening the burden. Quinn’s offer a 24 hour on-call service, with personal supervision central to our relationship with client families.

You can be assured that once initial contact is made, we at Quinn’s will ensure that everything will be arranged and managed for you in a professional manner and most importantly, will cause the least amount of stress on the bereaved during what can be a very difficult time. We will ensure that  help, support and guidance is offered when, and as, required and also provide relevant information and assistance before, during and after the funeral.

As proud members of The Irish Association of Funeral Directors (IAFD) we are committed to providing to you, our client, the best possible service at all times, delivering high standards of competence and where requested, assisting you in decision making throughout.

At Quinn’s, confidentially and sensitivity are very important to us. We strive to arrange the funeral of your choice, working in the strictest confidence on your behalf before, during and after the funeral.

We consider it a privilege to be asked to care for your deceased loved one and to be part of the very personal times experienced by the family throughout the bereavement process. We understand the importance of personal choices, how the smallest details must be addressed. We conduct every funeral in the manner we would envisage the funeral of someone close to us would be conducted.  No two funeral arrangements are identical. Every family has personal preferences which make their chosen arrangements individual. For this reason, we have adopted a simple mantra to express our commitment to your wishes:

At Quinn’s if it’s important to you, we’ll make sure it’s done.

Annette and Gerard Quinn